Currently, this is a fairly standard personal website with information on my Coaching, what i’m up to Now and Next, the offer to subscribe to my Newsletter and an introduction to the Podcast I’m about to start.

But it will become something of a digital garden, a space for things I’m interested in to emerge and early-stage sharing. The aim is to help others who are interested in similar things find me, and encourage them to get in touch.

For those who don’t know me

I’m Dave. I investigate how we can live deeper lives, make decisions with less effort, and spend more time experiencing awe and wonder. Without fighting ourselves.

I’m finding that the key is to recognize that our natural inclinations, expressed through our bodyminds, are both fantastically malleable and infinitely more complex than most people think. With that understanding, acting to change our individual nature becomes possible, and (for some people) not that hard.

At the moment mostly I’m working 1-2-1 with a few clients. With each, I act as a combination of coach, knowledge architect, ground & tutor. Next, I’ll likely share some of what I do as a coach, and what I think, online - some as free content, some within paid courses and other products.

Over time, I hope to contribute to a broader unfolding of “human nature” and its re-orientation around love, awe, concentric circles of fellow humans, and sustainability. I’m planting this garden as part of a longer-term game, to let other people who are on similar journeys find me.

My lifestyle is atypical: I’ve lived on a yacht with my wife and three boys (9/7/5) for the last six years. Previously, I worked a wonderful/normal job, as an academic in Global Sustainable Development at the University of Warwick (UK). But a two year ‘sabbatical’ turned into a new life…

What I’ll be planting here

I don’t really know. Like most things in my life the real answer is “I’ll do whatever I feel like, and over time it’ll come together.” I’m excited that I have a really easy process and tech stack to go from thinking through talking to on-the-internet with reasonable fidelity to the thoughts behind what emerges. Here’s the types of things I might end up talking about and then sharing with you:

  • Notes on things I barely know but am interested in, and connect with other things I know better.
  • Responses to things I read, in a little more detail than a tweet.
  • First, quick, drafts of things that I might or might not write up later on.
  • Some of my older work, and reflections on how it sits alongside where I’m at now.

I think pretty widely, so don’t really know what content-areas there’ll be yet. We’ll see. Exciting, no?

An invitation

Above all, the reason I’ve set this up and will start sharing early stage ideas, now I have found a relatively low effort way to do so, is to invite y’all to talk to me about them. These are all things that are interesting to me, and that I’d like to chat about.

My e-mail is - you’re welcome to pop up in my inbox. I’m becoming active on 𝕏 again @DaveCBeck - you’re welcome to DM. Or we can have a longer conversation, and record it or excerpt from it for my Podcast.