Train Your Intuition

This course will show you how to listen to, then train, your intuition. Over time, you’ll start to feel it working for you, guiding you to the person you aspire to become and the life you aspire to live.

It's for people who already live a good life, whose aspirations don’t center around work or money, and who are open to taking agency in what comes next.

When your intuition reflects your aspirations, what you do aligns with what you believe in. Stress falls away, and finding the great life becomes easy. You can just be.

This course will get you there through monthly trainings, designed around the transitions I have helped my clients through. Your training will be self-paced video and text, and takes 2-3 hours. Plus guided practices for taking away into your everyday life.

There’ll be a forum in which you can ask me questions at any time. And I’ll host ad-hoc office hours when I’m not sailing, travelling, or otherwise immersed in life.

The price for the next 22 people who join is $250pa. Sign up here

The first content will be released in February. Below, you’ll find more details on who the course is for, the results you can expect, how the course will work, and how pricing will change in future.

Learning outcomes for Train Your Intuition

Dave C Beck

I live on a yacht with my wife and three young boys, working 15-20 hours a week as a cognitive coach, author and educator.

As a cognitive coach, I bring insight from a decade of reading around attention and intuition to bear on the thinking patterns of my clients. We work together to re-train their intuitive responses to life, so that their actions align more closely with the person they want to be.

Before setting sail, I was an academic at Warwick University (UK), working in Global Sustainable Development. I’ve been reading around intuition, attention, decision-making and how people live for over a decade – my note-stack in the area includes 350+ books and academic articles.

In Train Your Intuition, I bring that academic knowledge together with the transformational practices I have guided my coaching clients through.

I’m targeting this narrowly for now, to fit with the people I know I can help.

Train Your Intuition is for you IF you:

  • live a good life but want a great one. Especially if you’re not sure what that would look like, or which path to take to get there.
  • feel there is a mismatch between decisions you make quickly, and what you believe is important to achieve your aspirations.
  • are interested in developing your intuition and want practical techniques to do so.
  • believe there is more to being human than attempting to be rational.

And everything I will ever teach in public is targeted for those who aspire to:

What the course will give you

You will discover how you listen to your intuitive insights, and how you can train them.

My aim during your training is to encourage your subconscious insights and motivations to work for you, to guide you to the person you aspire to become, living the life you aspire to live.

As your intuition starts to reflect your aspirations, what you do falls into better alignment with what you believe, and stress falls away. You make better decisions in all aspects of your life and realize that you would be best making most of them without thinking too deeply.

1- Be able to listen to your bodymind, and use it as a window into your intuition.

You will unlearn the idea that decisions must be made consciously, following a rationale. Most life decisions do not have a right or wrong answer; simply different paths you can take. Your feelings, inner voice, or "gut" all give you insights from your subconscious. Which knows a lot more than you do about everything that matters to you as an individual.

Among other things, listening will tell you how well what you are thinking about aligns with your model of the world, your 'self', and your current state.

2- Have trained your intuition to align with your aspirations in specific areas and know how to train it more broadly.

You will unlearn the idea that our intuition can only ever be a ‘base’ response, guided by our reptilian brain or cognitive biases that make it useless for decision-making. Almost everything about you can be trained if it is salient to who you want to become. The more trained your intuition is, the more often your automatic response will be the right one (for you).

The aim is that your intuitive responses align with your long-term aspirations. That your subconsicous works to guide you in the direction you want to go.

3- Have calibrated your confidence so that you know when to simply decide, and when to stop and think.

When a decision requires deep conscious intervention, you will know not to rush. You will by this point also have a working process to make such decisions well, so you can consistently walk your path.

Most of the time, though, you will be able to make decisions intuitively. Without procrastination, prevarication, or stress. Just make the decision, move on, then make the next one, confident that it was the best decision taking into account everything that matters to you.

How the Course will work

Self-Paced Modules

Modules will be released roughly once a month (say 10 a year). For most people, it'd be tough to take in this material faster than that rate, especially self-coached. None of the material we cover will be something you can learn in one go, you have to live it between "learning" to let it sink in.

So I’ll release modules to you at that rate; but if your life dictates nothing for three months then a “bulk upload”, you can do that. They’re entirely self-paced and other people will be working through the content at the same time, so the Q&A should be productive for you regardless.

Early adopters will have a lot of say over the order in which content is developed. Here's my current thinking - I'll likely alternate between modules from each list: listen, train, calibrate.

Video - Text - Practices

Each module will consist of 2-3 hours of heavily distilled "content", a mix of video, text, and visuals as suits the material. Plus suggested exercises for students to complete, that could take minutes or days depending on how much work they want to put in to making that change. And guidance on auditing, and stopping, when you're done.

I might or might not include some further content or options for those who want to dive deep: though I sincerely want to avoid edu-taining paying students. You are paying me to have done the reading for you, and to distill the bits that matter most to achieve (y)our goals: not to give you a reading list or hours upon hours of content.

Q&A Forum, one day a community

At first, there'll be a forum in which you can ask me questions and receive a response in public. In time, I hope to develop that into an asynchronous community. My aim with that community will be for you to share learning journeys, ask questions and provide feedback, as well as develop relationships with cool people. And I guess I should mention it could provide accountability, too (though you won't need that for too long, if you take this course).

At that point, I'll drop in to the community to provide in-public guidance to individuals and nudge people into playing productively. A note: If I step back from providing asynchronous support in future, that will happen after I have employed and trained a coach to step forward.


For the next 23 people who join, the price will be $250pa. Sign up here.

Refunds: 90 days, no questions asked. Try everything out for three months and if you don't think the course is for you, don't make time for it, or anything else just ask and I'll send you the money back.

The price will then rise to somewhere around $5-600 per year, which is where I intend to maintain the price of the course for the long term. That would be enough to cover someone I'd employ's time to:

  • Provide an average of c. 2 hours of asynchronous support per student in public each year (within appropriate cohort/group sizes)
  • Facilitate the community
  • Help me re-develop and improve the content
  • Measure learning (and probably write some research papers here, as online education is woeful in terms of documented gains)
  • Reflect, grow

Plus make 20% or so of places available for free, and do a few other things that should be part of all profitable online teaching (but often are not).

Future offer: Group Coaching

Here, rather than content, the value is in my time. I think the least-effort that would make this worthwhile for people is a combination of once-monthly live calls with a relatively small group, and ongoing asynchronous chat (using Twist, initially, because I love the ethos). With an expectation that I'm reasonably available on there when my life permits.

I'll start pricing for that at around $300 per month. But, probably not offer it for a while - I can't manage it alongside other commitments without sacrificing my lifestyle. So, it will have to wait until there's enough potential interest for me to fire a 1-on-1 client (i.e. when I think I'd have 10+ people joining the group).

Any other questions?

Drop me an e-mail I'll get back to you (but probably not quickly).