Before sailing, I was an academic in Global Sustainable Development which involved working across many academic disciplines. My PhD and previous work was in History of Science, and Digital Humanities. Thanks to this, and voracious reading, I'm familiar with a broad range of academic and technical fields.

My research is currently focused around improving my own understanding of how our bodyminds work. I'm interested in how our subconscious and body 'thinks', and what our conscious role in that process is and should be. And how to use that knowledge to improve both our lives as individuals and the sustainability of the society around us.  

Plus I read a little around research in physics, AI, psychedelics and other altered states, finance, history and anthropology, ethics, climate/geo-science, oceanography, mining... My "this is interesting" net is pretty wide.

I began offering research-for-hire in early 2019, and have since conducted research for both corporate and individual clients in a fascinating range of areas, from salmon farming to DeFi; business travel to psychedelics. My particular expertise is in projects which straddle the gap between multiple research fields and practical implementation (whether in your life, or for your company).

I won't be taking on many projects in the near future, but if you have something you think I'd add value to AND which (might) contribute something positive to the world around you, not just your balance sheet or career, then drop me an e-mail. I communicate clearly, only take on work I can perform to an exceptional standard, and deliver on time.

Types of work I enjoy:

Literature reviews and white papers. Often spanning across the academic and practical divide, on pretty much any topic. Whether to help with a new research area / dissertation topic, fill a gap in your personal knowledge, provide evidence for advocacy, or develop a new business venture.

Business analysis and strategy documents. I have experience with corporate social responsibility plans and associated documentation. And analytical research, particularly of a comparative nature, in a variety of industries (from shipping to DeFi).

Teaching or coaching suggestions from individual topics to curricula or programs. I was formerly Director of Undergraduate Studies for Warwick University's Global Sustainable Development degree suite, and am broadening my knowledge of work-related training as well as online teaching.

Supervision and coaching for PhD and other advanced research projects, with editing alongside that. If you are thinking of hiring me to help you with work that will be submitted for assessment, please check what your University, School or College allows before doing so.