Those of you who sign up for my newsletter will, after you opt in, have your name and e-mail address stored in two places.

I use ConvertKit to send you a welcome sequence, and will use it for for opt-in sequences to tell you more about future products, too. To see their privacy policy, click here..  

You'll also become a free member of this site on Ghost. Each time I add content to the blog here, you'll receive it as an e-mail newsletter (along with anything else I add for the e-mails only). The name and e-mail will also be used to confirm your membership status when viewing the site, to give you access to members-only content.

Those of you who have previously bought the Beta of my book through Stripe or Kajabi - I'm also storing the details you submitted when you paid for that (including your postal address), so that I can send you the physical book if you choose to receive a printed copy.

I'll add to this when other paid products are offered.


Ghost uses cookies to confirm whether or not you are a logged-in member of the site, for the purpose of determining what you can access.

ConvertKit checks whether you have filled out forms so that I can hide them if irrelevant. They also track page visits, but I don't and won't do anything with that information.

I'm not using any web page analytics or trackers at present. You could just see the above two cookies.

When I do enable tracking, at the point there's enough traffic to make that worthwhile, I'll use Fathom. They collect entirely anonymous data about how the site is used. It can't be used to track you.

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