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Is this for you? Well, do you want to train your intuition? My aim, with everything I share in public, is to help people with that.

Too many people, today, think they need to fight against their intuitive desires, and that belief places huge limits on who they can be. And what they can contribute.

If you converse with your intuition, test it, and train it, you can use it to understand what's going on in your subconscious. And then to make the world a better place.

Without that understanding, you are like a robot being guided by software it can't comprehend. And you’re most likely doing as everyone else does, following some path without asking why. (You're all from similar assembly lines, after all.)

What do I mean by that? Well, let’s start with why you might not hear or understand your intuition.

As kids, you're told to sit still when all you want to do is dance. To talk calmly when you want to fight. To come down when you want to climb up. To learn 'this' when your interests are 'that'. Then, to work when you want to play. Maybe to marry when you want to dally.

You are rewarded for doing what you "should", for being "good" and following the path. Even if you are lucky, as I was, to have parents who give you space and help you understand your inclinations - the rest (i.e. most) of life does not. Over time, you start to ignore the intuitions and emotions that made you want something else. Not note them, take time to understand them and then set them aside, because "good reasons". Just simply ignore them. That takes longer for some than for others, but by 25 most people are there.

Your brain learns to tune intuitive suggestions out as irrelevant information, like the vast majority of the input it gets. You don't even notice you have an intuition anymore — like traffic noise if you live in a city, or swaying if you live on a boat.

So, what I want to do is help people start to listen again. Then test. Then train. To get to the point where their intuitive responses in nearly all situations are the best for them. And where they know to stop and think logically (or do nothing), rather than just be.

But, not all people. I want to help people whose aspirations roughly align with mine. People who I think, together, can make the world a better place. People who aspire to:

I can't do that without people helping me develop my ideas, and then share them with me. Which is why I'm here online and vaguely in public, rather than just being. Want to join me? Signing up is the first step.

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