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Long time, no speak

Hey everyone, sorry for the long radio silence. I took a week offline to finish the Beta version of Deep Life. Then barely turned on my router for two more weeks. Somehow, that's appropriate. Today I'm writing to you with an update on my work, and what's coming with this newsletter. Including a course announcement for Train Your Intuition.

Life update: our boat renovations are taking a Guatemalan amount of time. So we're planning a road trip across Guatemala in December. Then we'll come back and hopefully rent a house next to a marina (or with its own dock) for a month or two while we finish the boat off. Sailing again in February? Who knows. In the meantime, we've been having a lot of fun exploring, met a crocodile (under a dock we walk on near-daily), taken endless bird photos....

Deep Life

The Beta of Deep Life is now with its readers, the first few of whom have already provided many clicks of feedback. Along with some comments on the document, and a thoughtful e-mail or two. The book is where I thought it was: still needing some significant, but not unassailable, work. I'm going to wait for a couple more comments, then make some edits. Then another round (or three/four) of Beta reading.

The plan, freshly made yesterday, is to publish on Ingram Spark which distributes to all major retailers. Probably launching for pre-orders in December. With a publication date in May(ish) to allow time for more Beta readings, book design, advance copies to a reviewer or 20, and final line/copy edits.

Train Your Intuition

I've found writing the book in public both valuable and fun. So I'm going to do the same with Train Your Intuition, which I have been prevaricating about for too long.

It'll be a slow-burning course, with likely just a few hours of content each month (plus as much time as you want/need to implement, and discuss on the community-platform). That will make it a harder sell, but is the most appropriate form for teaching this material online.

The course orients around three learning outcomes. People who join for a while will:
1- Be able to listen to your bodymind, and use it as a window into your intuition.
2- Have trained your intuition to align with your aspirations in specific areas and know how to train it more broadly.
3- Have calibrated your confidence so that you know when to simply decide, and when to stop and think.

I'll launch a sales page with an outline and some information on a couple of modules on December 15th. And see what happens. Assuming some people buy it, I'll start teaching the course in mid-January. As the early adopters learn, I can ask them which of the many things I want to create to develop next. And I'll keep doing that, releasing new modules on a roughly monthly basis (say 9-10 a year, to allow for a couple of months non-availability).

There's an outline of all my current thinking here: https://www.davecbeck.com/tyi/ . That includes why I'm doing the "in public" route, how the course works, a little more on why each learning outcome matters, who this is for, my thinking on pricing, and how I hope to get it off the ground. (n.b. there is a buy link hidden in there, but you'll struggle to find it).

This Newsletter

Going forward, I'll be writing to you on a more random schedule. Weekly just isn't me - I could schedule it, but where's the fun in that? I'll cap it at twice a week, and tell you now that there will continue to be the odd month, or three, that you don't hear from me. What I'll be sharing over coming months is a combination of three things.

1- My thinking around and work-in-progress from Train Your Intuition. Here's where I need your help, with any feedback or thoughts or offers of help that you can provide. In return you'll get drafts of longer-form material before other people,

2- Content developed from Deep Life, in a variety of forms: video, transcripts from Q&As, illustrations and text. That's what will be appearing on davecbeck.com over time, as well as through the various socials that Yzzy manages for me. I hope you find this both interesting and helpful. There'll be a few coaching guides we developed for subscribers only, too, to help guide you through topics that people find tough.

3- Some of my reading, as I'm going through a period involving more self-updating after 6 months of barely reading. I suspect some of what I come across will be of interest to you all, so will try to quickly break-down scientific articles I read, and share why they matter for me/us.

Plus life updates, because y'all ask for them.

On everything, I would love your feedback. In public or by e-mail. Positive or negative.

I find it a little sad that this needs saying: please know that I genuinely consider "you're wrong because..." or "I didn't like this because..." to be a gift. Either it shows me somewhere I need to improve, or it shows me I need to communicate something more clearly. Do not feel shy in coming forward.