DEEP LIFE: How attending to the right things can guide you to your aspirational self


Who do you want to be? And how do you want to feel? Attention is what gets you there.

What do you want to have? Control of your attention multiplies your other capabilities.

DEEP LIFE will offer a guide to the power and use of our attention to manage our selves. How you attend and what you put your focus on can change your personality, your capabilities, and how you think about your own life. It can remake you, or lead you further down the path you want to walk. It has certainly had both effects for me.

This is the fourth time I’ve sketched out what a book on attention might look like. I’m drawing on my notes from 300+ books across a range of academic disciplines, thinkers and guides. And this time, the draft is complete. I'll be sending the Beta to my beta readers in October, and launching the book when it's finished.

Writing Deep Life in Public


Deep Life is going to be a practical How-To guide, above all else. So, I have been publishing short excerpts of the draft straight onto Twitter. The feedback has been invaluable in thinking about how to turn draft into Beta.

Click through if you’d like to offer some thoughts, too…

What will be in the book?


I’m designing the book to be directly useful to people.

Here is the table of contents, or learning outcomes, that I was writing from. It has changed a little over time, and I'll update this when the Beta is complete.  (yes, I’m sure I will fall into the authorial bad habit of using obscure titles where a simple one would do.)

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Lovely feedback from twitterers


Maureen M.

Purchased. Fantastic topic. I’ve been capturing ideas about attention for 6+ months, can’t wait to learn more about your thoughts.

Nat Couropmitree

Love what you're doing and am incredibly inspired by you. May have to steal your model

Tobi Emonts-Holley

To all you #ship30for30 folk: 1. Follow Dave 2. Read Dave's essays 3. Become a beta reader of his book

Jonathan Carson

Wow, that’s awesome, Dave! Good on you for committing to such a big project so publicly. I really like this approach to writing a book. I’m in!

Rob Fitzpatrick

ToC looks great -- should prove super helpful to you during all steps of the design/feedback/writing. And very clear to a potential reader if it's something they need. Nice work.

Joanna Hong

Dave was one of the reads I looked forward to during #ship30for30. I even said he should write a book and he already was! Check out his book.

Joe Lurie

Talented writer and inspiring human @DaveCBeck writing his first book to help you achieve your aspirational self. Check it out.


Excited to see what cool shipmate @DaveCBeck is writing, creating a book in public, providing actionable value along the way.


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