Dr Dave C Beck


After a decade in academia, I now sail the world with my wife and three little boys. My days are mostly spent reading, learning, living and attending (to my family and nature).

I work at most 20 hours a week. A few as a cognitive coach to select visionaries. The rest writing Deep Life, and designing online training to share some of what I do for my clients with others.

My Story


My wife, myself, and our three boys (aged 7, 5 and 3) live on a sailing catamaran, simply and happily. Currently we can be found tied to a dock in Rio Dulce, Guatemala. We’ll even be in a house, briefly, while some work is completed on the boat. In 12 months, we might be in the Pacific or the North Atlantic. No idea.

Over the past four years we have sailed from the UK to here, welcoming our third son along the way. The whole experience has been life-changing, or at least life-reinforcing. Particularly crossing an ocean. There’s something about the utter-silence of a still afternoon 10 days into an ocean-crossing and the knowledge that there’s nobody except your family within several hundred miles, that centers you in the present in a way most people will never experience. And fills you with awe and wonder.

Before we sought the freedom of the open ocean, I held a wonderful academic job at Warwick University in the UK, as Director of Undergraduate Studies for Global Sustainable Development. My passion as an academic was for bringing a range of different ways of thinking to bear on problems, and for sharing that diversity of thought with my students. I wanted to tackle the innumerable and interconnected problems surrounding sustainability, and what better way to do this than through a cohort of engaged students?

I honestly intended to go back to Warwick after a two-year sabbatical sailing with my wife and young family. Perhaps that was self-delusion, or perhaps the intervening years changed our priorities. Either way, our family is not going to be settling on land again for a long time.

I started working for myself in 2019 and remain interested in anything that revolves around the complexity of our planet and our species. My clients ranged across biotech, relationship coaching, AI, education, agriculture, transport and plenty of other things.
Now, I cover our living costs in a few hours a week working as a cognitive coach, helping a few visionaries think more clearly, and make their impact on the world. This website shows you the start of mine.

I’m not interested in other work or “opportunities” at present – while my kids are young I won’t work more than 20 hours a week regularly. As a result, I say “no” a lot. Don’t take it personally.

Photos from the Deep (Life)


I live deeply, and work less. I structure most of my work around having a potential impact on the world. For the rest (all) of my time, I'm present, undistracted with my family, absorbed in nature, practical tasks and play. 

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