When I get back to long term games, this will be my primary writing channel for work in progress, general thoughts, and snippets of my life that I choose to share.

Expect the eclectic for now – I’ve been reading about AI/LLMs, psychedelics, bodymind integration, human-ecosystems and a historical view of metaphors for ‘human’, global systems, consciousness at various scales, parental cultures, and pedagogy lately so might share some notes/thoughts. Over time I’ll likely focus in on bodyminds and intuition, as I think they’re my windows into intervening upon the larger issues I care most about.

There’s no schedule, I’ll just write when I have something to share.

I won’t check who subscribes/unsubscribes, or look at metrics for this. But replies will guide me – one of the things I enjoyed most about writing the newsletter previously was the conversations that followed. Yes, that’s an invitation to reply, which should probably come with a warning that I’m not the fastest correspondent.