Consider most of these notes a lossy download from my mind to the interwebs, facilitated by a c. 30minute conversation with GPT4.

On some topics, I’m barely a novice but I’m interested, think they’re important and want to invite the universe to fill the gaps in my knowledge. In others, I’m sharing a practice or way of thinking that works in narrow contexts I’m familiar with. In others, I’m probably an expert but am speaking off-the-cuff (at least on first draft). I’ll try to be clear about which frame I’m writing from.

In all of them, the notes are only here because I want to talk with people about them. So get in touch.

Most will appear as a very-quick draft of an essay, co-written with GPT4 through this rapid-fire process. And I’ll add these three sections if I have anything to add in them:

🤔 Thinking on / open questions - reminders to myself for next time I visit this note, and another explicit invitation to you to get in touch.

💡 I feel/suspect that - broader connections from the topic that I think are true, but cannot evidence yet (& might forever be unable to evidence).

🧑‍🤝‍🧑People who get this - by which i mean people who undesrtand the topic well, communicate it openly, and are broadly in-line with my thinking. Note that doesn’t mean that they endorse how I express it, or everything I say; we’re just in broad alignment in my opinion.

Maybe they’ll get polished later here, maybe not, undecided.