We chat, and I give you my full attention. I don’t work to a particular process or framework, everything is tailored around you.

These are completely open conversations about what you’ve been thinking about, in any domain of life – conversations jump from education to AI, climate change to ETH, spirituality to neuroscience, your relationships to astrophysics. They span across personal, professional, and philosophical topics. Whatever feels salient to your bodymind.

Afterwards, I dig into some of the topics that came up, architecting how they fit together from your point of view. I’m not working through an analytic lens, comparing what you say to academic standards or mental models, or looking for anything in particular. I’m simply allowing myself to understand your bodymind, how you think, and the topics you think about. So I can help you get where you want to go.

Having looked back on 500 or so hours of conversations for which I have notes/transcripts, most of what I do seems to fit into one of these four frames: coach, knowledge architect, ground or tutor.


While we talk, I help you see through the noise around you, to what is most pertinent and meaningful to you. And to recognize the world as it is (messy) – not as you’d like it to be or fear that it is. I help you find clarity about what matters to you; and where you need it, validation around what you “know”, too.

I reflect how you are thinking back at you, and suggest other work to help you think better. What “better” means here depends entirely on you, it might be around self-awareness in the moment, conceptual clarity, reducing inconsistencies, using your bodymind to think, supplementation, biohacking, retraining your intuition to respond differently to situations or areas of life, speeding up your thinking, resolving (&/or accepting) internal conflicts, bringing in others… there’s a lot we could work on or I could point you towards, only some of which really matters to you.

My aim in this frame is to help my clients live a Deep Life. One in which you spend most of your time immersed, with an effortless skill at the art of living how you want to live. And the secure knowledge that without thinking too much, you’ll live and act in a way that is aligned with who you want to be. You’ll make the right decisions, by your own standards, intuitively. And simply live, at peace, immersed, present…

Knowledge Architect

I build your knowledge-base from my notes for you to refer back to. As we fill in details across many conversations, I can then help you connect the dots, add context, challenge or fact-check, and examine the foundations of your knowledge.

We can work in whatever tool you like. If you don’t have an existing personal knowledge management system, I’ll help you set one up that’s appropriate for your needs. And I’ll document everything we speak about in a way that’s easily ingested to the systems we’re currently calling AI.

We can co-produce work, as well. As examples, I’m helping one client write a couple of books. My team distilled and codified the knowledge of another to help them gently extract themselves from a nine-figure business. And I’m working with a client on an AI ‘chatbot’ which does a pretty good (60-70%) job of speaking as they would (content as well as form).


Firstly, ground in the sense of bleeding away excess energy while processing intense experiences. A client pointed out that one of my superpowers is to be able to listen to anything, with my empathy fully open, and my disbelief suspended. I’m his ground, on the occasions he needs it. I seem to have an unlimited capacity for letting energy flow through me like this without it impacting my state of mind.

Secondly, anchoring someone in their reality. This is of particular value to people who use therapeutic modalities which can detach them from their existing reality from time to time. Most commonly involving psychedelics – an incredibly powerful set of tools, but which require a support network (of which I’m a part).

Thirdly, providing an example of a life lived well (& differently). My clients tend to find the fact I reject more work than I take, to spend more time with my family, with whom I live on a yacht (often in poorer parts of the world), refreshing. It puts their ‘problems’ into a broader context and encourages serendipitous conversations about what really matters.


This one is self-explanatory. Pretty much whatever you are learning, I can help you do that more effectively. I’ve helped two clients design their learning to build their understanding in certain areas, but mostly I just help along the way. Some of my favorite conversations are those in which clients basically teach me what they are learning.

If any of that resonates…

I’m not currently taking on any regular clients. But am open to one-off conversations, with follow-up by video-message, for anyone who thinks I can help them. Bring something you want to talk through, and we’ll chat.  You’ll get a taste of what working with me is like, and you can choose what to pay or give me in return afterwards. If you don’t get any value, then don’t pay.

book a “choose your own price” coaching call

I’ll be sharing what I can for those who can’t afford my attention through this collection of notes, a Podcast and my newsletter; and will let subscribers to either know when I’m open to coaching clients or offer other products, too.

Side-note for anyone who is reading this because they think they have a similar skillset to me – drop me an e-mail, I would love to know you.